Detienen a dos personas por el incendio de la embajada venezolana

Two assisting police with arson investigations

TWO individuals have been taken into custody and are assisting with investigations into the Sunday morning (Jan. 5) fire which totally destroyed the Venezuelan Embassy office on St. Kitts.


The incident occurred at about 4:15 a.m. and after members of the St. Kitts and Nevis Fire and Rescue were engaged in a four-hour fight fire, they quenched the fiery fury but not before it totally destroyed the Venezuelan Embassy office and its contents.
The Police Force’s Public Relations Office issued a press release today (Jan. 7) which informed that investigations into the matter revealed that the fire was “intentionally set”.
The police communiqué explains that in addition to the Fire Officers, members of the Ross Island Constables Unit and the K9 Unit had responded to the scene.
A motorcar, P7809, was “found at the scene” and it – along with other items – was taken into police custody. However, the release failed to indicate whether or not the car was occupied when it was discovered and whether or not it is owned by any of the two individuals taken into custody.
Addressing the fire that took place at the office of the Organisations of American States (OAS), the press release said investigations revealed that it too was “intentionally set on fire”.
Persons who may have information that could assist in these investigations are asked to contact either Crime Stoppers at 1-800-8477 (TIPS) or the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at 465-2241 EXTS 220, 230 or 231.

Opposition Members To Be Questioned In Arson Investigation?

Allegations have been made that members of the Opposition will be questioned by police in connection to Sunday’s torching of the Venezuelan Embassy and OAS Secretariat in St. Kitts.

Former Leader of PAM Lindsay Grant said at a Unity construct public meeting last night he understands that he is to be questioned today (Jan 7). He said this was because Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas, in addressing the incidents yesterday, had publicly accused him and others in the Opposition of being responsible for the two fires.

“He seems to be pointing his finger at me; bout I burn down some place called the Venezuelan Embassy and so. And I understand they are supposed to come for me tomorrow to question me,” he said.

The attorney warned that there would be trouble if anyone laid a finger on him.

“I done tell them, nobody put they hand on me tomorrow you know. I know my wife ain’t want me in prison but I gone go on stink.”

Grant said he was not aware of the Embassy’s location and he was not involved in such activities. He said he did not wish for any upheaval in the country except for the ousting of the Douglas administration.

“Only one thing I want to happen this year, is that we get the rid of the man called Denzil Douglas and the whole government called the Labour Party. We have too many plans and programs to put in place in this country and we got to get rid of them who are in there right now.”

Grant compared the present situation with the political tactics of German dictator Adolf Hitler’s in 1933, saying when the ruler wanted to “put the thing on the opposition he burned down the place”.

“I ain saying they burned it down you know, but Hitler in 1933 when he wanted to blame the opposition, he burned down the place.”

The former opposition party leader said in 2013 they gave the SKN Labour government an opportunity to right themselves but to date they have not done so. He reminded of the fact that the Opposition’s motion of no confidence, filed since December 2012, still has not been tabled in parliament.

The PAM candidate for Constituency #4 said the Opposition is attempting to give the electorate a decent alternative to the present government, however the Douglas-led administration should not take that decency for granted. He said 2014 is the time of action.

“If they slap me in my face I’m not going to turn the next cheek to get slap,” he said.

“2014 is action time, 2014 is mobilization time, 2014 is serious time and 2014 is when we do what we have to do,” said an animated Grant.