Trabajadores marcharon contra ley que recorta su derecho a huelga


PM calls for unity

Premier Craig Cannonier called for unity after around 200 unionised bus and ferry workers marched on Parliament on Wednesday in a noisy protest over government plans to make public transport an essential service.

“If we continue to look in the rear-view mirror as we drive this vehicle — the Budget and how we move this country forward — we will only see what’s behind us, and not the potential that lies in front of us,” the Premier said, denying government is out to bust the unions.

Carrying a Bermuda Industrial Union (BIU) banner and chanting slogans such as “United we stand, divided we fall”, the workers marched through Hamilton before reaching the main entrance of the House of Assembly just after noon, shortly before the morning’s parliamentary session adjourned for lunch.

BIU president Chris Furbert said the march was held following a meeting of public transport staff who were “very concerned” by the proposed law.

Under the amendment, which was tabled in the House last Friday, public transport staff will be banned from holding wildcat strikes and will instead have to give 21 days’ notice before taking any industrial action.