Granada: presentarán plan de desarrollo para los próximos 15 años


Grenada Mulls 15-Year Development Plan

Grenada Prime Minister Dr Keith MItchell has announced plans for a 15-year “National Development Plan.”

The proposal was revealed following a visit to several cities in North Americ including New York, Montreal and Toronto.

According to Mitchell, Grenada is receiving technical assistance on the proposed plan from what he described as a “friendly government.”

“The plan has to be agreed to by the nation as a whole,” Mitchell said.

The purpose of the plan, according to the Prime Minister, is to insulate the country’s development from periodic changes in government.

“[A 15-year plan] is the way to go; so that when government changes, the prospective development plan of the country should not change dramatically, as we have had over the years in the past,” Mitchell said.

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