Por amplio margen, el Partido Democrático Popular ganó las elecciones generales en Montserrat

New party wins Montserrat general election

The newly formed People’s Democratic Party (PDM) won an overwhelming victory in Thursday’s general election in Montserrat, gaining seven out of the nine elected seats in the Legislative Assembly.

Gaining the most votes in the single, island-wide constituency was PDM party leader and former leader of the opposition Donaldson Romeo, with 1,695 votes.

The other winning PDM members are Dr Ingrid Buffonge, Paul Lewis, David Osborne (son of the late former premier John Osborne), Claude Hogan, Delmaude Ryan and Gregory Willock.

The incumbent Movement for Change and Prosperity (MCAP) gained only two seats: outgoing premier Reuben Meade and outgoing minister of agriculture Easton Joseph Farrell Taylor. There were 13 independent candidates, none of whom were successful, and most did poorly in terms of number of votes.

The election went smoothly and was well organized, with six polling stations and a steady flow of voters. Each voter had nine votes, and there were 31 candidates to choose from.

The new premier is due to be sworn in at the Governor’s office on Friday and the remaining legislators on Monday.

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