Barbados: las autoridades se preocupan por la creciente utilización de drones que violan la privacidad y la seguridad de la isla

Authorities says drones under watch in Barbados

Barbados aviation authorities say they have taken note of the increasing use of drones on the island.

Director of Civil Aviation Kingsley Nelson said the use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), as they are referred to, present some security, privacy and safety concerns.

But he said there are safety and security guidelines which currently exist to regulate the use of such vehicles and to which persons should adhere.

Nelson said that the drones were becoming increasingly available and that guidelines and processes for importation and use of these unmanned aerial vehicles were currently being reviewed by the relevant agencies.

A government statement said the Division of Defence and Security, Prime Minister’s Office, The Barbados Civil Aviation Department, Barbados Defence Force, Royal Barbados Police Force, Telecommunications Division and Customs and Excise Department are among several government agencies examining the issues posed by the use of these vehicles.

Nelson said the flying of drones in no-fly areas by their operators could pose potentially severe security and safety threats.

The government statement said that people wishing to operate UAVs outside of the designated areas or on a commercial basis are required to make an application to the relevant authority.

“Operators of all Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) are also required to be in possession of a valid Telecommunications Radio-controlled licence; Maintain visual contact “Visual Line of Sight” with the RPAS at all times,” the statement added.

Antigua Observer