El Caribe y Chile lanzan un proyecto para erradicar la pobreza desde un enfoque “multidimensional”


Five Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) member states: Antigua and Barbuda; Dominica; Grenada, Saint Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines have successfully launched a multidimensional project on reducing poverty in the OECS.

The government of Chile is funding the project to the tune of EC$2.7 million.

Addressing the launch at UN House in Barbados on April 30, 2015, OECS Director General Dr Didacus Jules noted that the multidimensional approaches to reduce and eradicate poverty will include a paradigm shift that gives respect and voice to the experience of the poor.

Expressing its commitment to the programme, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) re-emphasized why the move towards multidimensional approach to poverty reduction is essential, particularly given that income was the traditional tool for measuring poverty.

The launch of the OECS/UNDP multidimensional approaches to poverty reduction follows the signing of the two-year project agreement between the OECS Commission, UNDP Barbados and the government of Chile.

Youth and civil society organisations, ministers, permanent secretaries, a delegation from the government of Chile and representatives from the OECS Commission and the UNDP were part of the gathering at the UN House Barbados for the official launch.
The OECS Commission and the UNDP-Barbados office facilitated the April 30 event.

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