Gobiernos de Haití y México firman acuerdo para la promoción de inversiones y transferencia tecnológica


Wednesday President Michel Martelly at the head of a delegation, arrived in Cancún, Mexico to attend the 10th World Economic Forum on Latin America, which takes place at the Hotel Quintana Roo from 7 to 8 may 2015.

Upon arrival, the Head of State of Haiti declared “I want to send my regards to President Peña Nieto and the Mexican population and thanks the Mexican government for the support it has given to Haiti after the earthquake of January 2010 and also through cooperation […] It is a pleasure to be here and be part of the Summit, which I am sure it will be a success […] it is very important for Haiti that is reborn as a region […]”

José Antonio Meade, the Foreign Secretary of Mexico, said that President Enrique Peña Nieto and his Haitian counterpart Michel Martelly, after a bilateral meeting with the participation of Ministers of Finance, Economy and Commerce of both countries, will sign Thursday an agreement for the promotion and reciprocal protection of investments, which will support economic development in Haiti, by creating a favorable investment environment.

The Ambassador of Haiti in Mexico, Guy Lamothe, said that this agreement “is of utmost importance for the economy of Haiti, which seeks to recover of the earthquake of January 12, 2010 that made huge damage […] it will be a sign to all entrepreneurs of the world to show that Haiti and Mexico agree to promote investment in both countries, create jobs and transfer technology of Mexico in many parts of Haiti […]” adding that the agreement will transform and strengthen the bilateral relationship between Mexico and Haiti.

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