Cámaras de comercio de Latinoamérica y el Caribe consideran las diásporas en la discusión de proyectos de inversión regionales


Regional entrepreneurs discuss investments at conference in Haiti

Entrepreneurs and members of the American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America and the Caribbean (AACCLA) continue to discuss investments in the region on the last day of a three-day conference “Future of the Americas” held in Haiti.

Haitian Prime Minister, Evans Paul, inaugurated on Monday AACCLA’s annual regional conference: “Business Future of the Americas”.

The annual conference, in which 17 countries are participating, is taking place on “Diaspora’s investments in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

“I appreciate the theme of this year, Diaspora’s Investments in Latin America and the Caribbean, because it reflects the dual priority to fund national development and the holistic integration of our citizens emigrated to other countries,” Paul said.

Paul told the audience about the opportunity to appreciate the importance of the investment potential of the Diaspora by analyzing the flow of remittances in the region, and to direct them towards sustainable development.

The head of government said he was convinced that investments from the Diaspora are a present and future opportunity in the funding of national development.

Paul believes that the ideas that come out of these exchanges will allow everyone to generate innovative economic initiatives to better channel Diaspora savings to local businesses.

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