Trinidad y Tobago: Tras dimisión de Tim Kee asume nuevo alcalde en Puerto España


Deputy mayor Keron Valentine will be the youngest Port of Spain mayor to take office when he is sworn in today.

Speaking to media on Tuesday, he said the resignation of Port of Spain mayor Raymond Tim Kee was unfortunate under the circumstances but he will do his best to continue the ‘vision’ set out by Tim Kee during his tenure.

He said it is an uncomfortable feeling for him to assume office under these circumstances but “in politics these things do happen”.

Valentine said that the next steps will be outlined at a Council meeting today during which the finalities will be dealt with and then Valentine will be sworn in.

He said the Port of Spain City Council is saddened by the departure of Tim Kee, who resigned under a haze of disapproval from various political groups over comments made following the murder of Japanese musician Asami Nagakiya, who was found dead in her Carnival costume on Ash Wednesday morning in the Queen’s Park Savannah.

Although Tim Kee later apologised for his comments, saying they were misconstrued, a protest organised by various women’s advocacy groups led him to announce his plans to resign.

After a delay on Monday, he finally submitted his letter of resignation at 4:00 pm on Tuesday afternoon.

Tim Kee says he accepts full responsibility for his comments which cast a shadow over her death and again extended condolences to friends and family of Nagakiya.

Point-a-Pierre MP David Lee said that Tim Kee’s resignation is a victory for gender equality and has also criticised certain statements uttered by Point Fortin Mayor Clyde Paul who supported Tim Kee’s initial statements.



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