Guyana pondrá a disposición terrenos para la explotación minera de pequeña escala

Lands for small-scale miners to be available soon

THE Ministry of Natural Resources is finalising arrangements to make more lands available to small-scale miners.According to a statement from the ministry, the decision is in keeping with a promise made by subject minister, Raphael Trotman to over 300 small-scale miners back in January during a meeting at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre.

At that meeting, the statement says, Minister Trotman had emphasised the important role small-scale miners play in sustaining the mining sector and economy, and expressed the government’s commitment to creating an environment that supports their efforts.

The January 2016 panel discussion segment, chaired by Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes, saw the unavailability of land and landlordism being the most prominent of miners concerns.

The statement noted that the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) and the Closed Area Committee (CAC) were tasked with facilitating the release of lands, and significant steps have been made towards making this a reality.

“The finalisation of these arrangements,” the statement notes, “will pave the way for genuine small-scale miners to begin applying for lands that are not only accessible, but also hold encouraging prospects for gold mining.”

It said, in closing, that the Ministry will be making a further announcement on the matter “within the fortnight.”

Guyana Chronicle