Guyana acuerda con EEUU cooperar para prevenir y hacer fente a los derrames de petróleo

US authorities to assist Guyana develop oil spill plan

The United states will be providing assistance to the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) in developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to address oil spills as part of its preparedness and response effort in the event of a disaster, a senior CDC official has announced.

CDC Deputy Director General Kester Craig said that CDC officials will meet with the US Southern Command on June 27 to focus on what needs is required to develop a national plan and SOPs on oil spills.

Guyana has started oil exploration and is expected to start producing oil and gas by 2020 hence “definitely you’ll need to have those plans in place,” Craig said.

The CDC said that the proposed meeting later this month is part of its efforts towards preparedness and response in disaster risk management and disaster risk reduction with Craig noting that the CDC has been in discussion with oil companies such as Repsol and CGX reviewing their “comprehensive oil response plan”.

Guyana has a national disaster risk reduction platform that works with stakeholders to develop national disaster risk reduction programmes as part of reducing the impact of disasters in the country.

“We are reviewing these plans to ensure that they are in keeping with our national plans and policies,” Craig noted.

Antigua Observer