Países del Caribe se reúnen en Santa Lucía para debatir sobre la cooperación en el cuidado marítimo


Caribbean leaders to convene in St. Lucia for groundbreaking conservation meetings

Caribbean leaders from up to 15 nations, including ministers and other government officials, private sector and civil society, will convene in St. Lucia next week for a five-day event to advance regional marine conservation goals, sustainable finance strategies and cooperation in the Caribbean.

The Fourth Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF) Annual Meeting and the First Meeting of the Caribbean Challenge Initiative (CCI) Council will be held in Castries from September 19-23, 2016 and will be attended by nearly 80 Caribbean and international participants.

The CCI is a coalition of governments, companies and partners committed to protecting 20 percent of the Caribbean marine and costal environment by 2020 through the establishment of marine protected areas, other conservation initiatives, and increased corporate responsibility.

The meetings mark a historic moment for Caribbean collaboration, both inter-governmental as well as through growing partnerships with the tourism industry and non-governmental organizations.

Throughout the week, attendees will analyze challenges, determine solutions, share successes, and develop a strategic plan for achieving sustainable conservation goals on the path to 2020 and beyond.

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