Ministro quiere que Dominica se independice de Gran Bretaña y se convierta en República


Inniss in favour of republic

Do not expect Government Minister Donville Inniss to advocate for Barbados to maintain the Queen as the country’s Head of State.

Instead, the Minister of International Business is making a case for the country to shed its monarchical status and become a republic in time for the 51st anniversary of Independence.

He made his recommendation in support of the full transition to parliamentarians in the House of Assembly yesterday, contending that he was not buying into any of the arguments put forward by those opposed to the move.

“There’re those who say, ‘Well, if you do that the British are going to stop coming here’. I have never met anybody from the UK who concerns themselves with whether the Queen is head of state of Barbados or if we’re republic with our own president. That is simply not the case,” Inniss said.

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