Dominica: el gobierno congela el salario de los trabajadores públicos


Dominica gov’t offers zero per cent ‘wage hike’

The Dominica government has offered a zero per cent wage increase over the next three years to public workers, the general secretary of the Public Service Union (PSYU) Thomas Letang has said.

Letang, speaking on the state-owned DBS radio on Tuesday, said that while his union would not engage the Roosevelt Skerrit government in negotiations over the airwaves, it does not support the wage freeze that had been offered.

“The negotiations have resumed, we have responded to the government’s proposal and that is basically where we are, we haven’t had agreement on any single matter,” he said.

“The government team is supposed to go back to their principle and to indicate to them what our position is, but…while we will not give every detail as to what transpired at the negotiations the government offer I can tell you is a wage freeze for the three years,” he said.

Jamaica Observer

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