A bone and organ 3D printing seminar was performed by the University


A bone and organ 3D printing seminar was performed by the University

On 19th October, the “Bone and Organ 3D Printing Seminar” was performed in classroom 13, at Hospital El Cruce Néstor Kirchner. It was carried on by Valeria Sararols, a Bioindustrial Design Professor, from Bioengineering career.

Physicians, kinesiologists, bioengineers, health researchers, bioengineering and kinesiology students as well as researchers and professionals working at UBA (National University of Buenos Aires) and at the National University of La Plata took part in this event.

The seminar was opened by the university authorities, Arnaldo Medina, vice-chancellor; Engineer Miguel Binstock, Director of Engineering and Agronomy Institute Director and Fernando Ballina, the sub-coordinator. All of them supported the meeting initiative.

During the meeting, some organs and bones printed in PLA and vertebrae segmented by Bioindustrial Design students were displayed. A vertebra live-printing was also performed by using an FDM printer and the Club de Emprendedores’ (Enterprisers’ Club) printer was exhibited.

The following topics were developed during the seminar:

  • 3D printing. Steps to print.
  • Segmentation in Slicer 3D and conversion to a .STL file, as from a DICOM file.

STL Editing in Blender.

  • Parameter setting in Cura so as to print the piece.
  • Printer type, uses and materials to be used.
  • Bioprinting, printing techniques.
  • Biomaterials and their application.
  • Companies and labs devoted to develop this technology.

At the end of seminar, some vertebrae scale copies were delivered so as to let each participant hold a printed piece and the corresponding certificates.