The UNLaR Was Awarded the First Prize at Olive Oil International Competition


The UNLaR (UNLaR, a per its Spanish acronym) Was Awarded the First Prize at Olive Oil International Competition

SOLAR oil, produced at UNLaR´s Catuna University Headquarters, participated in the “VII Extra Virgin Olive Oil International Competition”. On that occasion, the product of this University was awarded the first prize for the “green bitter fruity/slightly spicy” category/group III”. Prizes are awarded for the best local and international olive oils.

The best competing extra virgin olive oils are selected and prizes are awarded by the “VII Extra Virgin Olive Oil International Competition”, “Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Prize”, managed by San Juan Government –through the Ministry of Production and Economic Development of said province together with Tasting Panel from UCCuyo.

A total of 25 prizes were awarded last Thursday, 7th September. Argentina was awarded 11 prizes and became the country most highly honored at this competition. This was performed within the framework of Argoliva, where the National University of La Rioja participates.

This year the panel was officially approved by the International Olive Council. It had to value 111 samples from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Uruguay and Argentina. For this purpose, two international panels participated at the final stage of extra virgin olive oil valuation. The panel members appointed by Argoliva were the following: María Luisa Ruiz, from Spain and Sara Dicenta, from Chile. Sol Molina, from Catamarca, and Verónica Araniti, from Mendoza were also involved. UCCuyo’s panel was composed by José Daniel Bórbore, Carlos Castro, Daniel Dates, Stella Gómez, Javier Gómez, Ana Laura Molina, Lidia Morach, Daniela Ramírez, Esteban Santipolio, GisellaVillaroel, Andrés Mestre, Natalia Riveros, Mariana Lloverás and Mónica Vidal. Susana Mattar y Adriana Turcato were de tasting panel leaders.