La oposición no reconoce al presidente electo y anuncia boicot

El dirigente del opositor Partido Unido de los Trabajadores (UWP), Hector John, rechazó reconocer a Charles Savarin como presidente de Dominica y anunció que esa formación boicoteará cualquier actividad en la que participe.

Savarin solo es presidente de Roosevelt Skerrit no de nuestro país, afirmó John ante los seguidores del UWP en alusión al primer ministro de la Mancomunidad.

Según el político, la elección de Savarin, de 70 años, viola la Constitución de este país caribeño.

El parlamento eligió este lunes al exministro de Seguridad Nacional como jefe de Estado, pese al boicot de los legisladores opositores.

El también exdiplomático y exsindicalista reemplaza a Eluid Williams, quien fue elegido el año pasado para completar el mandato del entonces presidente Nicholas Liverpool, obligado a renunciar por problemas de salud.

Skerrit criticó la postura de la oposición al recordar que no presentaron una propuesta ante la falta de consenso.


UWP will not recognize president elect

The United Workers Party (UWP) has made it clear that it will not recognize Charles Savarin as the elected head of state of Dominica and will boycott all functions officiated by him.

The UWP gathered at the Bay Front on Monday evening to make its voice known on the matter and opposition leader, Hector John, declared Savarin as ‘Skerrit’s president.’

“Who want Charlo as President,” he said. “He is only Skerrit’s president not the president of Dominica. It is important that we understand what we have at hand, it is important that we deal with it as responsible citizens.”

He pointed out that he will not attend any function which Savarin attends. “I will not attend any function where he is present,” John told supporters.

John stated that the election of Savarin was not within the bounds of the Constitution. “They disrespected the Constitution, I have to make that clear,” he stated. “Charles Savarin of 1979 …..  this is serious I want us to be sober about it and absorb what is happening to our country.”

Concerning the qualities of a president, John said, “The President of Dominica should be somebody bringing the country together, somebody respecting the Constitution, somebody of high integrity, some body of love, compassion and good character.”

Savarin was elected president of Dominica in parliament on Monday. The vote was unanimous in terms of government’s members present but was boycotted by opposition MPs who stayed away from the house.

Savarin is expected to be inaugurated on Wednesday.


Savarin juramenta este miércoles

President-elect Savarin to be sworn in on Wednesday

President elect of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Charles Angelo Savarin, DAH, will be sworn in as the eighth person to discharge the function of the office of president since the island attained independence.

The ceremony will take place at the Parliament Building on Wednesday October 2, 2013 at 11:00 am.

The oath of office to be sworn to by the president will be administered by Justice Bernie Stephenson, Senior Resident Judge designated by Janice Pereira, Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

The ceremony will be attended by Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, members of cabinet, Justice Errol Thomas Resident Judge, former presidents, the speaker and members of the House of Assembly, members of the Diplomatic Corps, members of the Savarin family and other distinguished and invited guests.

The programme for the occasion includes an address by Skerrit and a reply by Savarin.

The Master of Ceremony for the occasion will be Cabinet Secretary, Ambassador Steve Ferrol, while Evangelist Peter R Augustine and Monsignor Eustace Thomas will lead the gathering in prayer.

Savarin was elected President of Dominica by the House of Assembly on Monday, September 30, 2013.

He has a long and distinguished career as a teacher, trade unionist, parliamentarian, diplomat and government minister.


Una elección polémica

New Dominica head of state a controversial choice

Last week he was a senator and government minister. By Monday he had become the country’s president-designate, scheduled to be officially sworn in on Tuesday.

“Mr Charles Savarin has a strong history as a teacher, as a trade unionist, as a diplomat, as a member of parliament and as a politician,” attorney Anthony Ataphan, adviser to Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, said in defence of what’s being regarded in Roseau as an unpopular choice.

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