Primer ministro de Antigua y Barbuda afirma que no aplicará planes de despidos como en Barbados


Not following Barbados

Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer says his administration has no plans to follow its Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member country, Barbados, and send home public sector workers in an attempt to revive the ailing economy.

Speaking at a public meeting of his ruling United Progressive Party (UPP) on Tuesday night, Spencer assured supporters that “however we do it, we are not going to embark upon  any kind of wholesale  retrenchment of government workers, public sector workers”.

He said his government intends to hold on to its obligation “because we recognise that in a situation where the private sector does not have the absorptive capacity to absorb all the workers that are required to be engaged in Antigua and Barbuda, we have a social responsibility as a government.

“What is happening in Barbados and in certain other countries, we could have adapted the same position here because the same issues do exit, but we have taken a different position,” Spencer told supporters.

Late last month, the Barbados government announced a plan to cut public service jobs in a bid to save BDS$143 million (One BDS dollar = US$0.50 cents).

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