Empresa aérea del Caribe analiza abrir ruta hacia San Vicente y las Granadinas


CAL looking to St. Vincent?

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) that while he had not been “formally approached” on the matter “I understand from our authorities that they have come in and they were doing inquiries. But I haven’t seen anything formally coming to the state administration”.

An airline industry official told  CMC that CAL officials came to St. Vincent recently to do a site inspection and that they were accompanied by personnel from its security, engineering, operation, and marketing departments.

The source further said that CAL has contacted at least three local companies about the possibility of one of them being handlers for the airline.

CAL Communications Manager Clint Williams, while he would not confirm nor deny the possibility of the airline servicing the route, said “Caribbean Airlines is continuously evaluating new routes and new opportunities.

“Currently with our new business plan we are evaluating all the flying on our fleets including our ATR fleets,” he added.



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