Estados insulares del Caribe debaten en Santa Lucía sobre la reestructuración de la deuda y el cambio climático


United we stand

Addressing the third Global Biennial Conference on Small States, Anthony urged his Commonwealth counterparts to fully examine the words, resilience, reliability, responsiveness and redundancy which he said were crucial in helping the countries weather the current global environment.

The conference is being held under the theme “Building Resilience in Small States” and will focus on debt challenges, governance structures, environment resource management and climate change issues, with a view to developing concrete and practical solutions to the vulnerability, and problems of small states.

Prime Minister Anthony said reliability is one virtue generally considered by all.

“We want robust economies, social and legal systems that work all the time in a timely manner. This encourages business and investment.

“Responsiveness too is critical to good governance both the state and the productive sectors need to be responsive to economic variations that are inevitable.

“Redundancy is however the other critical ingredient. While it is generally thought of in the negative sense, in common parlance from an engineering prospective, redundancy refers to the need for a system to prevail even when the primary ones fail. Sometimes you want duplication, you need alternatives, you need back-ups and reserves to be resilient,” he told the delegates.

Anthony maintained that this focus was paramount given the emphasis being placed on small developing states this year.

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