Antigua y Barbuda: preocupa posible aumento de la violencia durante campaña electoral


Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer has warned against possible violence in the campaign leading up to the next general election as the main opposition Antigua Labour Party (ALP) called on him to dissolve parliament on Monday and set the date for the polls.

Prime Minister Spencer said he wants the police to treat seriously, recent remarks made by a radio announcer who called on opposition supporters to inflict harm on their opponents.

“It’s an issue I think that should be taken extremely seriously by the law enforcement, I would hope they would have done whatever they consider prudent under the circumstances,” he said, noting that the islands have never had a history of violence during elections, despite “our rough and tumble in the politics”.

“Violence has never been a major factor in our political situation here and we need to keep it that way,” he said, adding that he was not certain whether or not the individual had indeed apologized for his statements.

“I read the words and although on the one had he was apologizing and on the other hand he was trying to rationalize what he said. Clearly you can’t have it both ways,” Spencer added.

The ALP has since distanced itself from the remarks of the radio announcer.

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