Surinam: se rompe la coalición de gobierno con la salida de un partido

Bouterse holds on to slender majority

Leader of Pertjajah Luhur (PL) party, Paul Somohardjo, confirmed that his organization, which had six seats, was no longer a member of the coalition, leaving President Desi Bouterse with just a slender one seat majority in the 51-member National Assembly.

Ministers belonging to the PL party have been asked to vacate their ministerial portfolios.

In a statement Monday, President Bouterse said that the remaining party would continue to be part of the government as agreed in the 2010 agreement.

Bouterse’s National Democratic Party (NDP) holds 23 seats and former rebellion leader Ronny Brunswijk’s A-Combination (ABOP) has three seats, giving the coalition a slender majority in the Parliament. In 2012 the Niew Suriname party left the coalition.

Political observers say the split in the coalition was no surprise, indicating that there had been visible cracks since the 2010 general elections.