Caricom hace un llamado a la paz en conflicto Israel-Palestina

CARICOM calls on both sides in Palestinian/Israeli conflict to heed calls for a ceasefire

LaRocque yesterday issued a statement on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

The full text of his statement follows:

THE Caribbean Community (CARICOM) condemns the killing of three Israeli teenagers and the revenge killing of a young Palestinian. The Community is deeply concerned by the resulting escalation of violence between Israel and the Palestinian territory of Gaza with the continuing Israeli bombardment of Gaza and the firing of Palestinian rockets targeting Israeli cities.

Of particular concern is the mounting toll of innocent Palestinian civilians and the widespread destruction of homes and property in Gaza.

The Caribbean Community calls on both sides to show restraint and to heed the calls for a ceasefire to prevent further escalation of the violence, death and destruction.

The Caribbean Community reiterates that only good faith negotiations between the sides involved can lead to a resolution of this long-standing conflict.