Funcionarios de Educación de países del Caribe se reúnen en Dominica


OECS education sector strategy moves towards implementation phase

Chief education officers and education planners are to meet in Dominica to plan the implementation of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) education sector strategy.

The meeting, which takes place from September 23-26, 2014, will be held under the theme “Improving Collaboration in Planning and Implementing Regional Initiatives in Education.”

The OECS Commission’s education development management unit (EDMU) is coordinating the annual event as a platform through which leaders in education throughout the OECS can review progress in implementing the OECS education sector strategy (OESS). and follow up on initiatives for advancing education in the region

Head of the EDMU Marcellus Albertin says the annual meeting provides a forum for communication and collaboration through joint regional planning, and also provides opportunities for learning and sharing of best practices. Further, it provides an opportunity for OECS member states to identify and clarify common issues, challenges, and priorities, and to determine how to address them in the context of implementing the OESS.

Since 2012 the OECS Commission in collaboration with member states of the Economic Union has been engaged in implementing strategic priorities in education in the region. Complementing this strategy is a robust implementation plan, which clearly delineates the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders. The plan also seeks to promote joint regional planning as a means of improving the chances of achieving the objectives of the strategy.

EDMU collaboration with ministries of education has helped to address ongoing and emerging implementation issues. It has also helped to strengthen national implementation capacity and to provide critical support in pursuing Member States national education goals and ultimately, those of the region.

A major feature of this year’s meeting will be the sharing of the findings of a study which was commissioned by member states on “Teacher Supply, Demand and Utilization in the OECS.” Participants at the meeting will discuss the findings with the aim of proposing specific recommendations for policy and programmes aimed at improving teacher quality in the region.

Representatives from Dominica’s Association of Teachers, the Caribbean Union of Teachers and Dominica State College, Division of Teacher Education, as well as regional partners including the United Nation’s Children Fund (UNICEF) Office for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean and the University of the West Indies (UWI) – School of Education, have been invited to participate in this year’s meeting.

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