Gobierno de Trinidad y Tobago firma acuerdo de ayuda militar con China


Trinidad signs military aid agreement with China

On Monday, minister of national security, Senator Gary Griffith, signed an agreement accepting an offer of military aid gratis for the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force from the government of China valued at TT$30 million (US$4.7 million).

Since 2000, the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force has benefitted from the provision of military assistance by the Chinese government. The agreement signed on Monday was the eighth such agreement and the grant is the largest one to date.

Prior to the signing, Griffith met with China’s deputy chief of staff Lieutenant General Wang Guanzhong and other senior officials and discussed key topics such as the reciprocal exchange of military personnel, training for senior military officers in Beijing, as well as disaster preparedness training.

Griffith expressed the appreciation of the government of Trinidad and Tobago for the longstanding support and partnership of China.

Griffith reiterated the commitment of the ministry of national security, and by extension the government of Trinidad and Tobago, to enhance the capacity of national forces as well as strengthen the collaboration with international partners to address existing gaps at the national level.

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