Ministros de Salud de la Organización de Estados del Caribe Oriental se reúnen para discutir sobre el ébola


OECS health ministers to meet for talks on Ebola

Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) health ministers will meet in St Vincent and the Grenadines on Wednesday to develop a comprehensive strategy to help mitigate emerging viral diseases, particularly, chickungunya and Ebola.

The meeting, which will be addressed by the director general of the OECS Commission, will engage various regional and international agencies to develop urgent and innovative strategies to combat these debilitating diseases.

Another important item on the ministers’ agenda is the World Paediatric Project, which operates in St Vincent and the Grenadines, providing medical assistance in-country and in the USA. The meeting will explore mechanisms to expand the project to serve the children of the OECS.

Ministers and technical personnel will also discuss the annual work program of the OECS pharmaceutical procurement service, which is responsible for the procurement and management of medical products for the OECS public health sector.

For the past year, the OECS pharmaceutical procurement service (OECS/PPS) purchased approximately $22 million worth of medical products, which resulted in aggregate cost savings of $4.35 million.

The OECS/PPS annual report reveals that the availability of medicines in the OECS member states was satisfactory, and citizens had access to essential medicines to sustain their health care.

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