Las islas de Curazao, Aruba y San Martín crean mecanismo para la resolución de conflictos


Mechanism to be set up to prevent administrative conflicts with former Netherlands Antilles

After a week of meetings in Aruba, delegations from the parliaments of the Netherlands, Curacao, Aruba and St Maarten decided last Friday that there needs to be a mechanism by which future disagreements between the countries of the kingdom can be solved.

A committee must now work on such an arrangement, but merely agreeing to it is important, said Labour MP Jeroen Recourt, who led the Dutch delegation. The actual introduction of such an agreement is in the hands of governments.

The Caribbean countries within the kingdom have repeatedly objected to the instructions that were imposed by the Netherlands Council of Ministers.

This occurred in relation to Curacao in 2012 and, in the past year, Aruba got instructions from the Kingdom as to its budget and St Maarten over problems with the reliability of politicians as candidates for ministerial posts.

In future, the parties may submit their objections to an independent body.

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