Elecciones en Guyana: partido oficialista da a conocer la lista de candidatos


PPP/C to unveil “diverse, competent” list of candidates

he People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) said it will, on Nomination Day (Tuesday), unveil to the nation its List of Candidates to represent the Party at the General and Regional Elections on May 11, promising that the candidates will represent diversity and competence.

Parties will present their papers on Nomination Day at City Hall.

In a statement, the Party said that as President Donald Ramotar had assured the nation in a previous interview, the List would be a truly representative one. “It will reflect the diversity of the country and is made up of persons who are aptly competent to continue to take Guyana forward. The PPP/C is a political force that is clearly identifiable through its commitment to democracy, freedom, diversity, non-violence, gender equality and global sustainable development. Its track record has been one sprouting with real development of which the evidence is overwhelming across the 10 Regions.

“A casual comparison of Guyana today against two decades ago would realise that the positive transformation is not a dream, but a reality where every day something is being done to make the lives of Guyanese much better.”

According to the Party, its main objective is not to give glorious promises that cannot be realised but to give society real tangible goals which are already in the pipeline. “In the next five years, our Party-led Government and leaders will continue to foster positive sustainable management practices. Our framework is predictable with policy implementation flowing from a societal consensus for function and desired outcome. As our Party seeks re-election, we should be judged by our fiscal development and infrastructural track record which has transformed the lives of all our citizens,” the Party stated.

It noted that as the country rapidly evolves with dreams of homeownership becoming a reality for citizens, “our government was not given the opportunity during the 10th Parliament to develop our country even further. The choice that you make on May 11 will determine whether Guyana continues on its developmental path. The challenges over the past three years have re-emphasised that only a majority PPP/C Government can ensure, through its prudent management, our nation’s potential of becoming a developed country which would create a brighter future for all,” the PPP/C said. We urge all Guyanese to cast their ballots on May 11 for the PPP/C and by so doing, allow for the growth and development momentum unleashed by this current Administration to continue its work of community development and restoration work within dear Guyana.

Meanwhile, political parties will be expected to use the Avenue of the Republic as the entrance to City Hall and exit through Regent Street. It was previously reported by this newspaper that the political parties have expressed their satisfaction with the preparations made for Nomination Day, when they will know whether they are eligible to contest the upcoming polls. On this day, the parties through their respective Representative and Deputy Representative will present their List of Candidates. According to an advisory from the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), the Representative or the Deputy in submitting the list to the Chief Elections Officer must ensure that it is submitted in the prescribed form, noting too that a Statutory Declaration will be required for each candidate and for the President named in the National Top-List.

GECOM says no one on the list could be on more than one Geographical Constituencies’ List. The Representative must also ensure that the necessary corrections are made and submitted to the Chief Elections Officer no later than the 29th day before Election Day. If a List of Candidates is in any way defective, the party will be required to make an application in writing to the Chief Elections Officer for the allocation of a symbol no later than the 32nd day before Election Day. This symbol must be approved by the Elections Commission.

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