Dominica: secretario de Caricom recomienda a primer ministro un programa de recuperación nacional


CDEMA recommends Recovery Model for Dominica

CDEMA has drafted a recommendation for the recovery of Dominica based on the Model National Recovery Framework. It focuses on the development of a Recovery Coordination Committee and a National Recovery Task Force.

Rotation and Redeployment of relief and response teams under the Regional Response Mechanism arrangement is continuing as necessary. It is expected that by early next week all of the Search and Rescue teams will leave Dominica for their home countries.

Airport: Work is ongoing to operationlise the Melville Hall Airport. A LIAt aircraft completed a successful test landing on Saturday, September 5, 2015.

Relief to Communities: The needs of the isolated communities are being met in numerous ways. Food, water and other supplies are being distributed by various groups. Food is also being distributed to the shelters and meals are also being prepared by local people.

Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) Five (5) nurses from St. Vincent have been deployed as of September 5, 2015.

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