Fuerzas policiales de Jamaica y Haití trabajan en programa para erradicar el tráfico de armas y drogas


Partnership with Jamaica police nets Haiti’s biggest 2015 seizure of guns and drugs

Days after Commissioner of Police Dr. Carl Williams announced that Jamaica and Haiti law enforcement would be forging deeper ties to combat the guns for drugs trade between the two countries, Haitian authorities are reporting that the partnership has led to the seizure of the largest cache of weapons and drugs so far this year.

According to information provided by the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s National Intelligence Bureau (NIB), 15 members of the narcotics arm of the Haitian Police Force were deployed to Ile A Veach, a town in southern Haiti, where 13 firearms, an assortment of rounds and 2,500 pounds of ganja were seized.

Ile A Veach is considered the centre from which the illicit gun-for-drugs trade operates between Jamaica and Haiti.

The Haitian police thanked NIB for providing critical intelligence that led to the successful seizure of the firearms, ammunition and marijuana.

Commissioner Williams welcomed news of the seizure, which came as the ‘Get the Guns’ campaign was officially launched last week.

“We have been diligent in building our intelligence-sharing capabilities with the Haitian authorities. Our new efforts under the ‘Get the Guns’ initiative will seek to keep these traffickers on the back foot and effectively stop the movement of illegal weapons through our borders,” he said.

“The imminent deployment of the Jamaican police officers to Haiti will deepen our cooperation with law enforcement authorities in the French-speaking territory to ultimately smash the guns-for-drugs trade and eliminate its impact on the security of our borders.”

Several guns have also been seized in Jamaica under the initiative.

Ten firearms and 53 assorted rounds of ammunition have been seized since the launch and the police continue to encourage members of the public to report illegal weapons, wanted persons or suspicious individuals in their communities.

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