Montserrat: detienen al ex primer ministro acusado de mantener relaciones sexuales con menores


Montserrat: Former chief minister on sex charges involving minors

Former chief minister David S Brandt was released on EC$20,000 bail yesterday after he appeared in court on sexually related charges allegedly involving minors dating back to 2010.

Brandt, who served as chief minister of this British Overseas territory from 1997-2001, had been in police custody since Friday.

The prominent attorney is charged with one count of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor in 2010. He is also charged with conspiracy to have sex with a minor, based on developments that took place between April and September of 2015.

Brandt has been released on EC$10,000 on each count and as part of the bail conditions he is restricted from making any contact with any of the witnesses in the case either in person, or through any of his servants or agents.

Law enforcement officials from Britain’s Scotland Yard and as well as the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service are reported to be on the island as part of a multi-jurisdictional investigative team probing the allegations.

Over the weekend, the state-owned ZJB radio quoted the Royal Montserrat Police Service as confirming that a former chief minister and prominent attorney was assisting the police in their investigations.

“The lawmen say it is still too early to determine the real nature of the case as the investigations are still ongoing,” ZJB reported.

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