Autoridades de Caricom firman acuerdo con Italia para combatir el cambio climático


CARICOM ministers sign project with Italy to combat climate change

Ministers of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and Francesco La Camera, director general of Italy’s ministry of environment, on Tuesday signed a €6 million project to assist CARICOM member states to mitigate climate variability and change.

This project, which was negotiated between the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (5Cs) and the ministry for the environment, land and sea in Italy, aims to address several issues affecting CARICOM states under the rubric of climate change, inclusive of mitigation, adaptation and vulnerability.

Specifically, it aims to help CARICOM member states to adapt to climate change, by reducing their vulnerability to sea level rise and climate variability; identifying and implementing the intended nationally determined contributions (INDCs);reporting and assessing of the member states’ INDCs and the development and dissemination of renewable energy sources and technology.

It also seeks to transfer scientific and technical knowledge, experiences and technology, facilitate the exchange of experts, scientists and researchers; enhance the capacities for the implementation of mechanisms under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and its related instruments, and to promote joint ventures between the private sectors of the parties.

The estimated timeframe for the project is five years. It was signed in the presence of the chairman of 5Cs, Dr Leonard Nurse, and the executive director of 5Cs, Dr Kenrick Leslie, along with other dignitaries.

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