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Teachers Union warns government: ‘Motorcades are only the beginning’

Por Benjamin Flowers

The Belize National Teacher’s Union (BNTU) has warned the Government of Belize that motorcades are just the beginning of the actions that the union has planned to express its displeasure with the recommended 10 percent salary cut to teachers and public officers.

The union held motorcades across the country today as a workaround for the current restrictions on gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the union noted that there are several other events planned should in case the government take a hardline stance on cutting salaries.

“This is a first step to show our dissatisfaction with what the government has proposed to us as joint unions,” explained BNTU national president Elena Smith.

She added that it was unfair for Prime Minister John Briceno to say that teachers and public officers have not been sacrificing as these groups have been making sacrifices before the pandemic. Smith did not elaborate on what the union would do going forward but noted that government taking a stiff position on salary cuts would be a test of strength.

“Everybody tries to appear strong at the beginning you know, it’s when you get hit, that’s when you realize how strong you are strong,” Smith added.




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