Guyana: el Gobierno admite que no está fijada la fecha de las elecciones generales


Date for elections can’t be ‘recklessly set’ – Dr Luncheon – being done in collaboration with GECOM

“THERE is a clear understanding and necessarily so that the date for, whether it be Local Government Elections or General Elections, could not be recklessly set,” the Head of the Presidential Secretariat (HPS), Dr. Roger Luncheon declared yesterday.The HPS during his weekly press conference at Office of the President explained that the date for either elections, Local Government or General Elections, has to be deliberated upon so as not to have a date set that will then have persons not ready for the said elections.

Responding to the question as to whether the Head of State is engaging the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) on the date for general elections, the HPS explained: “It cannot be set without the densest collaboration with GECOM because at the end of the day GECOM’s timetabling of the preliminary events would be what is needed at the D-Day,” he said.

Dr. Luncheon emphasised that President Donald Ramotar publically recognises the necessity of engaging GECOM forthrightly and in a transparent way to ensure that complications will never arise with a date that “heavens forbid that GECOM might not be comfortable with.”
“When the President announces the date, you could take it for granted that that date could only have been done after confirmation with GECOM about its readiness for D-Day,” Dr. Luncheon stressed.
On December 6 during a press conference, President Ramotar announced that Guyanese will go to early general and regional elections to elect a new government come next year – 2015.

GECOM, however, is currently rolling out its 7th cycle of continuous registration with its first week seeing some 925 new registrants, while 222 persons have made corrections to their information and there were 152 transfers.

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