Gobierno jamaiquino ejecuta un programa para mejorar los servicios de salud materna e infantil


Government seeking to reduce infant and maternal mortality rates

The Jamaica government has embarked on a training programme to strengthen the capacity of health workers to help in reducing the island’s infant and maternal mortality rate.

The training programme is being done in partnership with the United States based Footprints Foundation, under component three of the Programme for the Reduction of Maternal and Child Mortality (PROMAC).

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Footprints Foundation, Lorna Owens, said the Foundation, which was set up to save women’s lives through numerous interventions in North America, Africa and the Caribbean, is satisfied with the first round of training which took place in June.

“We are pleased to have done the first set of training exercises for doctors and nurses, both in obstetrics best practices and neonatology, to deliver maternal and child health care,” she said.

The training covered midwifery, post partum depression and other areas that affect mothers and babies.

Owens is encouraging mothers to enroll in ongoing community based programmes which offer pre-natal counselling and opportunities to speak with doctors to ensure a safe delivery, at health centres across the island.

“Every 90 seconds, a woman somewhere dies from complications of pregnancy that can be prevented,” she explained.

Owens said the Footprints Foundation is committed to working assiduously along with the Ministry of Health to help improve and strengthen primary health care to mothers and infants through its training programmes.

“This will add significant value to the quality of care that we will be able to offer to Jamaicans,” she said.

Antigua Observer

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