Gobierno guyanés prevé profundizar lazos de cooperación con Arabia Saudita en producción de petróleo


Guyana, Saudi Arabia joint commission to revisit areas of cooperation-following dialogue at Fourth Arab-South American Summit

Guyana is set to ‘step up’ cooperation with several Arab nations, following the recent Arab-South American Summit, which facilitated several multi-level and interdisciplinary dialogues.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge, who accompanied President David Granger to the Summit, said that the engagements at the summit were critical to Guyana’s exploration of the means to actualise the prospects and promise of collaboration with countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Croatia.

He said that “discussions on those fronts were quite satisfactory in the sense that the meetings dealt with cooperation on projects that we started on, and those where we have outstanding problems between the two sides that need addressing, and they addressed issues over which we can cooperate.”

The sides, he said, agreed to have meeting specifically by way of follow-up, in order to identify those areas where they can deepen cooperation and accelerate the processes in areas that have been slower than anticipated. He said that “the agreement was to ensure that the joint commission sits and revisits these areas, with a new mandate given that on our side there is a new Government in place.”

Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates and Croatia are among the world’s dominant oil and gas producers and exporters, who have been able to steer their revenues into developing vibrant economies. The new administration therefore welcomes the Arabs’ positive role in ensuring a stable, peaceful, and prosperous Guyana.

Guyana was represented at the Fourth Summit of the South America and Arab Countries (ASPA) by President David Granger, Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge and Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Audrey Waddell.

The Summit which is held every three years, allows for the gathering of the 22-member states of the Arab League and 12 countries of South America, towards the promotion of mutually beneficial relations.

During this Fourth summit, which was held on November 10, Guyana attended the meeting and made several contributions. Guyana also sought to have several bilateral meetings with several Arabs Heads and Representatives present at the Summit. President Granger himself met the King of Saudi Arabia and his advisors and discussed cooperation between the two countries, as well as several broader issues, including peace and other bilateral engagements. The Guyana delegation had included those with representatives of the United Arab Emirates and Croatia among others.


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