San Cristóbal y Nieves: organizaciones opositoras salen a las calles


St Kitts-Nevis opposition coalition takes to the streets

The three party opposition grouping in St Kitts and Nevis, Team Unity, took to the streets of Basseterre on Friday evening, in the words of its officials and supporters, to protect the country’s democracy.

“The message is just that, that we will not come off the streets until he (Prime Minister Denzil Douglas) does what is right,” Douglas’s former deputy, Sam Condor, now a key member of Team Unity, told WINN FM during the demonstration.

“Either bring the motion of no confidence or call the election, that is what the country demands,” Condor asserted.

That view is a widely held one among the supporters of the unity partnership.

“The people of St Kitts are totally fed up that the motion is not being called and we want our democracy back,” one supporter explained.

“Democracy is at stake and we must fight for it. One man cannot rule this country it is God’s country,” another said.

People’s Action Movement (PAM) leader Shawn Richards told WINN FM that it won’t be business as usual in 2014; more than a year after the motion of no confidence in the Douglas administration was filed in December 2012.

Pointing out that Friday’s protest was the third so far for the year, Richards insisted, “We are going to continue to agitate from now until the general election is called in this country.”

The demonstration was led by Team Unity leader Dr Timothy Harris, along with other key members of the unity partnership. Friday’s march was followed by a Team Unity rally that came to a premature end shortly after it began, because of an island-wide power outage.

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