El gobierno de Dominica construirá una planta de energía geotérmica

Dominica plans working geothermal plant by 2016

The Dominica government intends to construct a small geothermal energy plant by the beginning of the year 2016.

Rayburn Blackmoore, minister for public works energy and ports, said that the head of the European Union for the Caribbean has pledged additional funds, as further assistance towards the development of the plant.

“A new Dominica is going to emerge. By the time, we get our new plant, of course, we are going to realize a number of movements in the actual energy cost,” he said.

Blackmoore said that Dominica is now among the highest in energy tariffs at 45 cents US per kilowatt hour.

He stated that the government could, however, say with certainty that the island is well on the way to realizing energy security.

“By the time we would have gotten to the point of our development by the beginning of 2016, we would have a mix of geothermal energy and hydro. Not only are we going to bring down the ultimate cost to the consumer, but of course we are going to get to the point where we are the first in the OECS and Caribbean to be entirely renewable,” Blackmoore claimed.

He asserted that Dominica is the country that has done the most within the Caribbean, where renewable energy is concerned.

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