Gobierno de Dominica busca atraer inversiones en Malasia


Dominica Explores Partnership Opportunities With Malaysia

As more and more Caribbean countries look to the Far East for potential investment and political cooperation, Dominica is looking to get into the game.

The Eastern Caribbean country recently sent a delegation led by Environment Minister Dr Kenneth Darroux to Malaysia to explore potential partnership opportunities.

“We met with a number of officials, institutions, politicians and the former Prime Minister of Malaysia,” Darroux said following the trip. “We also met with a number of businesses who had expressed interest in doing business here.”

The Minister said the trip “opened his eyes to the possibilities available to Dominicans beyond the popular North America and Europe.”

“Probably because of our location and the media influence of America, we’ve always been about North America and the surrounding region,” he said. ““We haven’t realised how lucky to be situated in the Caribbean so close to North America so they see it as a good opportunity to set up shop here and access the North American market.”

Caribbean Journal

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